Air Freight


Our global network has the power to help businesses grow – based on years of experience and influenced by the changing needs of our customers.

Innovation is central to our work at Multilines International. We offer tailored transport services worldwide, covering the entire process from start to finish. Our Air Freight product is divided into different service levels, providing options for delivery times, routes, handling procedures, and prices to suit various needs. From paperless flights to temperature-controlled shipments, we strive to deliver efficient and reliable customized solutions.


Multilines holds the status of a registered Carriers Agent, specializing in the export of fruits, vegetables, and fish from the East African region to global destinations. We possess a deep understanding of the precise temperature-controlled conditions necessary for perishable goods, ensuring their optimal preservation throughout the journey. Our commitment to delivering value for money remains unwavering, consistently meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

Air Charter

At Multilines International, we have the capability to coordinate air charters for all types of cargo, facilitating smooth transportation to and from any part of the world. Whether it’s the transportation of oversized goods or urgent shipments, our air charter arrangements provide efficient and reliable solutions.