Air Freight


Our global network has the power to help businesses grow – based on years of experience and influenced by the changing needs of our customers.

From paperless flights to temperature-controlled shipments, innovation is at the heart of our work. Our experts deliver tailored transport services, worldwide and end-to-end. We divide our Air Freight product into service levels, which are packages offering different delivery times, routings, handling procedures and prices, making it easy to match any need.


Multilines is a registered Carriers Agent for exporting fruits, vegetables and fish from the East African region to any destination in the world. We understand the temperate controlled environment that perishables require and continue to deliver value for money to our clients.

Air Charter

We arrange air charters for any form of cargo for our clients from and to any part of the world. For cargo that is “too big for regular aircraft” or emergency shipments, our air charter arrangements offer solutions.

Entry and Exit points of operation

Dar es salaam Airport
Kilimanjaro Airport
Mwanza Airport